Edge Of Never--SOLD

Directional Instability--SOLD
Edge Of Never--SOLD
Piano Man--SOLD
The Dawning--SOLD
The Road Together--SOLD
Summer Interlude--SOLD
Tropical Illusion--SOLD

The Dawning 11"x 14" framed (450.00), Composite display of small paintings , End of the Beginning 11"x 14" (sold), The Edge of Time 11"x 14" ($395.00), , A Time Before 11" x 14" ($195.00), In Transition 11" x 14" ($295.00), The Maze 11" x 14" (195.00), Internal Debate 11" x 14" ($195.00), Summer Tease 11"x 14" ($150.00), Mountain Creek 11"x 14" ($450.00), Night Fall 11"x 14" ($395.00), Path Of Indifference 11"x 14" ($350.00), The Singer 11"x 14" ($495.00), Road Less Traveled 11"x 14" ($195.00), Balanced Emotion 11"x 14" ($195.00), Conflicted Emotion 14"x 17" sold, Conflicted 6"x 6" ($70.00), L/R 1,2 (ea.5"x 5") $40.each sold, L/R 1,2,3,4 (ea.5"x 5") $40.each, Seasonal Change 11"x 14" ($275.00) sold, Life's Journey 11"x 14" sold, Freedom 11"x 14" sold, Defining Moments--SOLD, The Point--SOLD, Complicated Relationships--SOLD, Still Waters--SOLD, Directional Instability--SOLD, Edge Of Never--SOLD, Passage--SOLD, Piano Man--SOLD, Inversion--SOLD, The Dawning--SOLD, The Road Together--SOLD, Summer Interlude--SOLD, Tropical Illusion--SOLD, Misplaced Aggression--SOLD, Parallels of Hope--SOLD, Rocky Shores--SOLD, What Lies Beneath--SOLD, Season Of Change--SOLD, Echo of Time, Low Note--SOLD, Birches--SOLD, Parameters of Intent--SOLD, Fulcrum--SOLD, Less Is More #6--SOLD, Poppies--SOLD, Figure Study 2--SOLD, Spring Fling--SOLD, The Brook--SOLD, Color Of Spirit--SOLD, Spring Thaw--SOLD, Derby Run--SOLD, Intervention--SOLD, SOLD, SOLD, The Artist--SOLD, Hidden Agenda--SOLD, Party Time--SOLD, Freedom--SOLD, Coming About--SOLD,